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Re-opening post Corona will mean new innovations

With most states loosening some restrictions and businesses approved to reopen, many tech and design companies are expanding to new markets: touchless fever scanners, apps to plan socially-distant office spaces, sensors to limit touching in highly frequented areas, and scheduling platforms to prevent crowding in public spaces.

Truework, for example, is an income verification start-up, that has launched software to allow employers to track workers’ health status. Gensler, an architecture and planning company, has improved its workplace floor-planning app to create social-distancing arrangements for workstations. PwC, a professional services firm, pivoted its technology for inventory tracking to a new contact-tracing system, notifying individuals if they have been exposed to the virus.

All these innovations are indicative of an emerging market. Employers are committed to protecting their teams and reducing their liability for workplace virus outbreaks. They are also obligated to comply with public health guidelines mandating daily employee screening and social distancing.

As the medical world continues to unveil more about the novel coronavirus, it is too early to determine how well, or if, any of these contrivances will work.