September 2019

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NY Reopens Iconic Flagship Apple Store

The iconic cube on Fifth Avenue in New York City is now reopened for business. The Apple store was closed for renovations nearly two years ago. Now the revamped location, double the size of the previous space, facilitates better business and optimizes users’ experience. The store is one of the first major openings since Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s HR chief, took over as head of retail. She explained how “Apple worked with Foster + Partners to reimagine the…

NYC Now Offers Salary Negotiation Classes for Women

New York City is now offering women a free class on negotiation skills so that they can secure raises and better employment conditions. The two-hour workshop is available across New York’s five boroughs. An online course is also available. The goal is to reach a total of 10,000 women. Women in New York earned 88% of what men did in 2016, according to American Association of University Women research that looked at median annual earnings for full-time…

Recent New York Transactions

New York business transactions – the purchase and sale of large companies and corporations – happen on a regular basis.  Here we look at three of them: LeverPoint, Lord & Taylor and Fiorello Pharmaceuticals. A recent announcement was made declaring that New York fund management service provider LeverPoint will be acquired by Chicago private equity firm GTCR. Once acquired it will be merged into GTCR’s portfolio firm, Ultimus Fund Solutions.  This move will broaden Ultimus’ presence in New York…

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US Tariffs on Chinese Imports

James McManus, Head of EFT Research at Nutmeg talks about the implications for US citizens on finances of Donald Trump’s tariffs on Chinese imports.