VitaminWater Ad Campaign Raises the Bar for Cool Advertising

You may have thought VitaminWater, an energy drink formerly owned by entrepreneur Darius Bikoff, only supplied energy to humans who drink it. If you thought that, however, you would be wrong. In a clever and useful ad campaign found at bus shelters in several cities nationwide commuters can connect their mobile devices a VitaminWater advertisement and juice up while they wait for the bus.

The VitaminWater ad campaign, known as “You’re Up” was launched in several target stations in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston. The advertisement features a 5-volt, battery-powered USB ports where they are invited to plug into their USB-compatible devices such as cell phones, iPads and iPods. With the help of these ads commuters will be able to power up their devices instead of watching their batteries head to dead.

The idea of charging up mobile devices away from home is not entirely new. Charging stations in airports are becoming a more common feature of plane travel. But VitaminWater has upped the ante by making what is usually thought of as the most pedestrian form of commuting, that is, taking the bus, much more cool.