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Absolut(e) Air: Vodka Made From What We Breath

Brooklyn-based startup Air Co. has just released a vodka made from carbon dioxide. The electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide into alcohol is not new; Air Co. is the first to produce and scale a drinkable beverage out of it. The new drink’s label reads “vodka made from air, water and sun.” As a player in the trendy food and beverage sustainability movement, Air Co. made “the world’s first carbon-negative vodka,” with each bottle a result of the…

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Eco-Friendly Construction Aided by New Lending Program

New environmental laws, designed to combat climate change, are driving up the costs of real estate development. Now developers are taking advantage of a financing tool to help pay for green-building requirements. The loan model, known as Property Assessed Clean Energy, or PACE, was created in 2008 to subsidize the costs of building improvements that create environmentally sustainable and resilient properties. PACE is emerging as developers go-to for creating more energy-efficient buildings that are compliant with…