NYC Now Offers Salary Negotiation Classes for Women

New York City is now offering women a free class on negotiation skills so that they can secure raises and better employment conditions.

The two-hour workshop is available across New York’s five boroughs. An online course is also available. The goal is to reach a total of 10,000 women.

Women in New York earned 88% of what men did in 2016, according to American Association of University Women research that looked at median annual earnings for full-time workers. That’s better than the national average, which has hovered around 80% for nearly 20 years. Only Washington D.C. and California are closer to parity. Equal pay and women’s economic enfranchisement have become important issues for government officials and business leaders. In 2017, New York City employment regulations issued a policy forbidding employers from asking candidates about their salary history, a phenomenon that hurt women’s advancement opportunities.