New York’s Healthcare and Tech Sectors Grow in 2019-20

New York City continued its employment expansion in 2019, and is well on track to see continued growth in 2020 as well.

This trend is a result of ongoing healthcare hiring in start-ups and well-established businesses, business services, and the boom in technology-related jobs. Overall, these jobs compensated for a downturn in employment in other urban industries like construction, real estate, hospitality, and finance.

Healthcare and tech jobs grew in New York City in 2019

A full 8,900 tech positions were added in 2019, bringing the total number of workers in the thriving industry to 150,100—a record high for the city. Incentive programs designed to bring financial and tech firms to New York, alongside new educational initiatives that are training cadres of young people for these jobs, are set to sustain the upward trajectory for 2020. 

Outer boroughs of New York also saw new job opportunities, with millennials looking for work outside the burgeoning city-center.