New York Looks to Canada Partnership for Clean Energy

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a new environmental plan to bolster the economy and promote clean energy. New York has set very ambitious clean-energy targets, including emissions-free energy sources exclusively by 2040.

The latest plan runs cables from upstate New York to Canada and brings wind and solar power down from these rural regions to New York City and the suburbs. The proposal also hastens a latent scheme for the delivery of hydropower from Canada through a transmission project.

“We know we can generate renewable power upstate. We know we need it downstate. Let’s build the cross-state transmission lines to develop that renewable market upstate.”

— Governor Cuomo

As the spread of the coronavirus slows in New York- the hardest hit state in the U.S.- Governor Cuomo is looking to revive the economy. He believes that major investments in substantial infrastructure projects, like clean energy and transportation, will fast-track economic growth.