New Shared Space for Small Shops

Every small business owner knows that maintaining a storefront is a significant expense. For those building an online presence, building a client base can be a challenge as well. Now one company is bringing the models of popular “sharing economy” to retail. 

ShopFulfill, a New York City-based startup is setting up Anchor shops across the city to give online retailers places to show their wares. The ShopFulfill model brings the best of both the e-commerce and brick-and-mortar worlds together, offering the infrastructure for one to enable the other.

Shared retail space for online shops

For $600 a month, online brands can rent space in Anchor Shops, sharing the sales staff, warehousing, and merchandise stocking logistics. The businesses only commit on a month-by-month basis; contracts specify the space needed by each business. ShopFulfill also consults on design and merchandising, ensuring that brands maximize their impact in the space.

While consumers are increasingly turning to online retail, malls and shopping centers continue to see an influx of visitors. And these shoppers are the ones ShopFulfill is targeting. Customers can learn about and form loyalty to an online brand while out shopping; foot traffic is a prime way to raise brand awareness and sales.